There are three strategies that you as a buyer can utilize to win a multiple offer situation.

The first is shortening the contingency period in your offer. A contingency period in a normal offer is anywhere from 17 to 21 days. Your offer may look stronger if you shorten up your contingency period to perhaps 15 or 10 days.

This makes you appear to be more serious about your offer. The seller might be willing to take your offer over other offers that are higher just because your contingency period and your terms make more sense for them.

“Shorten the contingency period in your offer.”

The second strategy you can use is writing a personal letter to the seller letting them know why they should choose your offer over everyone else’s. That letter could mean the world to them because it makes your offer more personal.

The third strategy is to include your lender’s information in your offer. This includes their cell number, email, and the name of their company. In this case, if the seller is looking to do their due diligence on the offer to make sure that you’re approved or have the amount ready for the down payment, they have all the information they need in order to do so.

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