If you are a buyer, there are four things that you should never say during a showing or to the seller:

1. Never say that this is your dream home. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous the house is or how ugly the house is; you never want to say that you love the home, especially if the seller or seller’s agent is present. You might think that making this kind of comment would make the seller want you to get the home. However, once they know you are in love with the home, they will want to mark up the price. They will use your love for the home as leverage and maybe even make you overpay for the property, so make sure that you leave your feedback and comments with your Realtor.

2. Never tell a seller that you can afford their home. Once they know you can afford it, they will try to make you go higher. Now, there’s no room for negotiation for your buyer’s agent. The negotiation process will be more challenging, and you may end up paying more for the home.

“Don’t tell the seller how much you love the home unless you want to pay extra for it.”

3. Don’t ask the seller why they are selling. When you ask this question, sellers immediately put their guards up. They don’t have to share this information with you, and they could be moving for very personal reasons. Maybe somebody passed away, or they have to relocate because of a job situation. Don’t get really personal when it comes to buying your home, especially if the seller is right there in front of you.

4. Never submit a lowball offer, especially in a seller’s market where inventory is low and demand for houses is high. A lowball offer could be offensive to the seller. They know their home is worth a certain amount, and submitting an offer way below market value would definitely offend them. They would put their guard up and they may not entertain your offer. You will most likely lose out on a chance to get a home that you really like if you make a lowball offer. The seller will want nothing to do with you. When deciding what price to offer, talk to your professional real estate agent to come up with a fair value that will work for you.

Remember, do not attempt to say any of the four things we mentioned today at your next home showing.

If you have any questions in the meantime, just give us a call or send us an email. I would be happy to help you!