After the excitement of buying a new home, it can be easy to forget about a huge priority of homeownership: safety. We want to make sure our homes are protected from burglary, fires, and other damages that may occur. So today, I’ll be sharing five tips to help you prepare your home and keep it safe:

1. Install home security. Every 13 seconds, a home is burglarized. Getting a home security system will help you determine who is allowed to go in and out of your home, as well as keep watchful eyes protecting it when you’re gone.

2. Home security isn’t just for stopping burglars. It can protect your home from fire damage. Some security systems have sensors installed that detect fires. If you have a house fire and the security company is unable to reach you, they’ll automatically dispatch the fire department to come save your home.

3. Security systems can also save you time. Let’s say you drove all the way across town and just remembered you forgot to turn off all your lights. Many home security options have apps you can use to control your home remotely, allowing you to turn on/off lights, appliances, and more.

4. Security saves money. It can lower your home insurance price; your home is less likely to be burglarized, so it makes sense that insurers see it as less of a risk. And because fires are caught by the sensors as well, your home has further mitigated the chances of being damaged.

5. You’ll have peace of mind. Isn’t this the biggest reason we purchase a home? By buying a home, you’re setting up a groundwork for the future. You don’t want to worry about keeping it protected, and home security is the best way to make sure that worry goes away.

“A home security system will help you determine who is allowed to go in and out of your home.”

If you have any questions or would like any more information, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.