Why do you need to hire an agent when buying a home? There are actually a few reasons you’ll want representation when making that big of a purchase.

First, the agent won’t cost you anything. Your agent’s commission actually comes from the seller as payment for bringing the buyer to the property. The bottom line is that you don’t pay a dime to have a buyer’s agent on your side.

“An agent will show you all the homes you want to see.”

Next, a buyer’s agent knows exactly how to negotiate the transaction. Things might come up that need to be negotiated such as repairs you want to be done before closing or complications with the appraisal. You’ll want someone on your side who you are confident can handle those situations for you.

An agent can also show you all the homes you want to see. This means you won’t have to rely on open houses and drive-bys.

Lastly, you want the transaction to be smooth, exciting, and fun. An agent will do all the heavy lifting for you so you can enjoy the process of buying your first home!

If you have any other questions or if you are looking to buy or sell a home, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!